Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Madness...DEFINITELY!!!

March may have come in like a lamb....but there is MADNESS at our house!

It's state basketball in Arkansas and Harding Academy is the host of the 3A tournament!

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 Our family is helping with the tournament by being a host family. We were assigned the Lady Hornets of Camden-Harmony Grove & the Curly Wolves of Prescott.
We met the teams around one yesterday and made sure they had everything they needed. We made sure they made it to the right locker room and sat behind their team bench during their games. (4 & 5:30).

Now if that is not enough basketball for you....we then watched the Lady Bulldogs of Bald Knob pull out a last second win.

Finally at 8:30 the Harding Academy Wildats took to the court.

Jake and his friends cheering the Wildcats on to a first round victory!
The Wildcats got it going in the 4th quarter and got the first round win. 
It was such a great atmosphere in the Rhodes Field House! 
Kolt was a trouper! He was with me the whole time. A total of about 9 hours at the gym just for yesterday!

My tired boy was VERY busy at the house today!!!

Caught in the recycling!

Guess he wasn't too tired after an entire day and night of basketball yesterday. Of course, I was trying to do about 20 things too many today. I never knew recycling could be so fun!

We were back again at the gym tonight for more 1st round action.

We love our Lady Wildcats!

The Lady Wildcats took the floor against a very tough team from Charleston.
Down at the half and scoreless for a long time in the 3rd...the ladies turned on the heat and pulled out a super win to advance to the 2nd round of the state tournament!

Lady Wildcats WIN!!!!

 I love watching Jake and all his friends cheering on the girls. I love the different reactions as the buzzer sounds signaling a Lady Wildcat WIN!!

 The best part was hearing the student body sing the Harding Alma Mater at the end of the game. Love traditions!!!

The rest of our week doesn't look any calmer....March Madness....YES....
But do we LOVE it?.....DEFINITELY!!!!

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