Sunday, April 17, 2011

So Fresh....Grace and Tess are featured in a Breathtaking Treasury!

Grace and Tess are featured in this breathtaking treasury!

Click on the link "So Fresh" by my friend AngieGetsPersonal.

Grace & Tess in Robin Egg Touille -- Boutique apron tie-back top and bloomer set
Grace & Tess in Robin Egg Touille -- Boutique apron tie-back top and bloomer set

Grace and Tess have been very popular this spring. Make sure you check out the pink and cocoa touille too!
Also you won't want to miss the other wonderful outfits made from the touille featured in our Summer in France collection!

Please take a moment to visit my friend AngieGetsPersonal at her shop. (Link available by clicking on her name!) She takes some of the most AMAZING photos!!

This is one of my favorite items from her shop (although I must admit it was hard to choose a favorite!)
Little Red Wagon 8x12 Fine Art Photography

Thanks for taking time to stop by! Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Grass is Greener...Libby and Mackey set are featured in a delightful treasury!

Libby and Mackey in Bree have been featured in a delightful treasury!
Click on this link to see  "The Grass is Greener..."   by MaiseysDaiseys.

Libby and Mackey set in Bree

Libby and Mackey are from my Very Vintage collection. Make sure to click on the picture and vist my etsy shop to see other items in the Very Vintage collection!

Also make sure you click on this link to visit my friend at MaiseysDaiseys.

Check out this item from her shop! Another one of my favorites!

Paper Mache Flowers Made to Order - Size Large

Fun spingy flowers!!!
You will want to check out the treasury, Libby and Mackey and these wonderful flowers!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Touch of Robin's Egg Blue... Poppy is in a delightful treasury!

Poppy in robin egg touille!

A Touch of Robin's Egg Blue is a delightful treasury created by MaiseysDaiseys.

Make sure you click on this link and visit this wonderful shop! You will find many favorites from this great mother/daughter duo!

Here is one of my new FAVORITES from this shop!

Daisy Garden Paper Mache Headband
Daisy Garden Paper Mache Headband
Thank You, Jill, for the lovely treasury feature!
Make sure you visit this treasury, Emmilu and Brother Too and my new friend at MaiseysDaiseys!

Monday, April 11, 2011

What do you get when you PLAY HARD & WORK HARD??? A Dum Dum sucker of course!

It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend here! The sky was blue, the sun was shining and there was the perfect breeze!
It was the perfect time for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation!
For some families....but not here at Emmilu and Brother Too!!!
Our Saturday consisted of soccer & yard work!

We spent our Saturday morning PLAYING HARD!!!
Three girls and three soccer games!
Milly and Lucy both had their games at the same time this week, so Lee and I had to tag team. Lee & Jake went to watch Lucy and I took Kolt and Emma to watch Milly.
We met up somewhere in the middle!
Milly is a great little soccer player.
I love watching soccer at this age! It is nice to be able to cheer for everyone and not get all up tight about bad calls and such!

Milly's team won! We lost track of how many goals our team scored. Milly made at least two goals!

We love our little orange team. Milly and her super great friend Anna have such a great time together!  Of course, even better than winning the game is ... 
Snow Cones after the game!

Love watching Lucy!!!

She is super fast and plays hard!
We were so proud of how aggressively she played this week!
She even scored a goal!!

YAY!!! Lucy!!!

Lucy's team didn't win, but they gave one of the best teams in the league a real run for their money!
I love Lucy because she is a real team player and is always there to support her teammates!

I love this picture! I was trying just to get a face shot of her and she was watching one of her teammates almost score a goal. She was so excited she jumped right out of my frame!

Emma Kate and the Searcy Storm!

Now Emma Kate plays travel soccer and this team ROCKS!!!
They are the absolute best group of girls and it is so fun to watch them play!

Emma (#2) gets to play with one of her best buds "Jules" (#4). Emma plays up top and Julia usually plays mid field. We were missing a player so I was able to get a great shot of these two prior to kicking off the start of the game. Emma Kate is a fiesy little player who really gets after it!

We are hoping that Emma Kate will be able to play college level soccer one day! She is THAT good! So fun to watch her progress from the little girl with that huge bow in her hair while she played!
I always love to see that smile after she scores a goal! Her team won 2-1! I'm sure I will have to blog/brag more about the Searcy Storm!!!
After a fun filled soccer morning and a quick lunch it was time for yard work!    It was a work day for the entire exceptions!!!
The HappyGro mulch and a few new plants were calling our name!
Jake and Emma Kate dug holes in the back of the house to transplant some azaleas that needed to get more sunshine.

Lucy and neighbor friend, Gracie, pick up all the big rocks that were dug up and hauled them to the street.
Milly worked really hard with her little shovel to dig the holes for the new plants that were planted out front.
Azaleas going around back.
Jake planted the plants around back. In the front of the house Kolt supervised the shrub trimming!
Milly was so proud of herself.
Caught Lucy in the pantry a few times!
Jake was a BIG help! He didn't complain....well at least not about the work. The pictures...that's another story!Kolt was just as happy as he could be...and that was without a nap!!!  

Stinky mulch going in....
The job was close to being done and we stopped for a little play time!
Fun with friends! (Even friends had to work!) Milly had a good time with the camera for awhile!

Always a little dancing and cheerleading!
A little taste testing of the acorns, grass and anything else he could find!
 A whole lot of silliness!

So what do you get?
1. You get to go inside and watch The Masters (if you're Lee)
2. You get to go play the rest of the day with friends (if you're the girls)
3. You get to watch a little masters and then go eat with the girlfriend and watch her ballgame (if you're Jake)
4. You even get to go get a treat at Fro-Yo's after dinner

But if you're Kolt....then you get your first DUM DUM SUCKER!!!
Checking it out!
First taste....
"I get a Dum Dum Sucker and you don't!"
Probably shouldn't have mixed a 13 month old with a sucker in the grass!
Oh well! Hope you're weekend was as busy, fun-filled and sticky as ours!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Simply Divine Treasury Feature!

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Make sure you check out this awesome treasury!

Click on this link. April Showers

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Check Out These Wonderful Treasuries!!!

Check out these two treasuries that we have been featured in today!

Milly in Bubblegum Burst

Milly in Bubblegum Burst has been featured in a lovely treasury called

Poppy in Robin Egg Touille

Poppy in Robin Egg Touille has been featured in a lovely treasury called

Float On by solocosmo

Make sure to click on all the links and take a look at all the wonderful finds in both collections!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

GRACE & TESS are featured in a FABULOUS Treasury!!!

Grace & Tess
in Robin Egg Touille

Grace & Tess in Robin Egg Touille

You will definitely want to check out this treasury that we have been featured in on Etsy.
The treasury is curated by Amber from JackPotVintage. (Make sure you click on her shop name to visit her fantastic shop!)

It is called "Spring's Robin Egg Blues"

Grace and Tess has been a very popular item for us! Make sure you check it out! I am also making the Grace tie back top in a larger size and pairing it with the Mimi triple ruffle crop pant.

We have several lovely colors of touille that are in our Summer in France collection: robin egg, pink & cocoa!
Make sure you visit Emmilu and Brother Too to see all the items from that collection!
We can make any style you see in the shop in any color of the touille.

Like the style of outfits from the Summer in France collection, but would like it made in something other than the touille?  Send me a message and we can design something just for you!!