Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Take A Walk on the Wild Side

After a long week of basketball last week, I am back to work on Emmilu and Brother Too!
I wanted to share with you three of my favorite items from the Wild Thing collection.
You can find all of these items in my shop on etsy (Emmilu and Brother Too)

The first is the Lucy and Mackey in Wild Floral

Lucy & Mackey in Wild Floral

This set is a classic pillowcase top with fabric ties & wide leg crop pants with contrasting ruffles. I love this set because it can be dressed up or down. You can put a tee or blouse under it in cooler weather. It is cool, comfortable and adorable!
If you want like this set, but want to go a little more on the "wild side", check out the Lucy and Mackey in Wild Thing.

My next favorite is the Candee dress.

Candee dress
The Candee dress is a classic float dress with a fully lined bodice. The great part about this dress is the strip skirt! I have pieced together 5 different fabrics to make a sensational "mismatched" dress! The bold florals, the pink bird fabric and the brown zebra mix and blend into a delightfully pleasing pattern! This dress is versatile. You can start wearing it in the spring with a blouse underneath. Wear it through the summer as a sun dress. Then in the fall when it starts to get cooler (and perhaps a little shorter) you can put a tee under it and wear as a long top with leggings or jeans!

My third favorite (but definitely not my last) is the Opal dress.


Opal is a fully lined swing dressed. I have taken three bold floral prints and pieced them together diagonally across the dress. The front bodice features a lovely brown zebra print that adds a little of the unexpected to the dress. Again, this is a versatile piece! I like to be able to get as much wear out of things as I possibly can!

I hope you will go check out these and more items.
Remember to take a walk on the wild side!

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