Monday, February 28, 2011

Not a Relaxing Weekend...But a VERY Productive One!!!

As Saturday morning began I felt a little like this....

It was bound to be a very busy day! The night before my husband decided it was time to put a sign in the yard....

and so like that our house was on the market!

The decision to sell the house WAS a joint decision...the timing was not quite agreed upon!
But it was a BEAUTIFUL day...
the sun was shining and the weather was perfect!

Perfect for a game of basketball....

Perfect for sidewalk chalk....

Perfect for a sweet birthday boy to spend out side....AND

Perfect for cleaning out the garage and several other house projects!!!!
(fitting since there was a HUGE sign in the yard basically inviting the world to come inside and see the chaos inside my house!!!)

Jake got out of having to "work" because he was in Jessiville watching the Harding Academy Lady Wildcats and Wildcats play in the Regional basketball championship games.

The rest of my family spent most of the day outside. I spent the day doing laundry and cleaning not only to get ready for tons of people to want to buy our house (hopefully), but also because we were going to celebrate Kolt's 1st birthday on Sunday!

Fabric for new spring designs!

I did get some fabric for new spring designs for my Etsy shop put away. (Sure was hard not to stop everything and start sewing!) There is a link to my shop on the picture!

I also hung a banner that I had made at great Etsy shop called BekahJennings
You will love this shop that "believes in the power of words".

This banner is GREAT!!! It is reusable and I easily hung it to the mantel using just scotch tape. She has banner for all occasions and also will make custom orders! Please check out her shop! I will definitely be ordering from her again. (The girls want to make sure they have one for their birthdays too!)

Just look how precious our Kolt looks with his custom birthday banner...

So although I don't think I sat down until late Sunday night, the weekend was absolutely perfect!
I felt motivated to do some cleaning I had put off...thanks to that SIGN!
My oldest had a blast with friends and cheered the Lady Wildcats on to Regional Runner-Ups and the Wildcats on to the Regional Champs!
My family enjoyed a beautiful day outside!
I felt refreshed by "purging" some items from my home that we didn't need anymore!
We were able to celebrate the blessing of having Kolt in our lives!

And just so you know....I ended my weekend feeling like this!

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